Sometimes mass emails go into spam. Basic email newsletter templates sometimes tend to get ignored because it simply lacks the “cool” factor in this era driven by social media. Does that mean you must turn to social media to get that recognition that your brand deserves?

The answer to that question is both yes and no. This very much depends on the nature of your business. If you have interesting, engaging consumer products – Facebook and Instagram might be something to look into. Twitter could be a powerful tool if you play your cards right. But if your business is B2B, LinkedIn is a potential treasure trove. This platform exists to connect businesses with business leaders and vice versa.

LinkedIn to build your brand

If your leader is the face of your business – you can use LinkedIn to highlight thought leadership and keep your followers in the loop of all the great work and success you’ve been generating. You can also talk about your corporate culture and feel your audience directly to your blog(if you have one). Engaging and relevant content will translate to footfall on your website.

Talk about market and business trends – but most importantly, create engaging and fun to read content. And if you could make videos, even better because studies show that video content keeps your users more engaged than written content.


Some tips to make the most out of LinkedIn

  1. Share behind-the-scenes visuals. Showcase the working process of your team. People are always intrigued by the way things are made. If you have a well-known industry figure in your organisation, there’s your box office hit!
  2. Show the world who your employees are. Show-off of the hard-work they put in for clients and customers. You can also talk about your more junior employees and their journey into your organisation. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to find and attract the best talent in the industry to come work for your company.
  3. Tease something new that’s coming soon. People love mystery, this will keep them engaged – eager to know what’s next from your business.
  4. Social media videos are quite easy to post. But most native videos are played with the sound turned off. Place flashy, assertive titles in such a way that your story is highlighted even with the sound turned off.