Triskel Media is a social media marketing agency based in in Bangalore & Chennai. We help brands take full advantage of the full potential of the form of communication that has changed the world. Our experts will ensure that your brand is seen by the right audience to optimise conversions.

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Social Strategy

Meet with our team and help us learn about your brand, business, and objectives. After comprehensive research, social media experts will identify your right audience through precise target profiling. We also develop your social content strategy, define your brand's tone of voice, recommend advertising budgets, and prepare a detailed periodic roadmap for your brand

Social Setup

Your digital presence is our priority, that’s setting up your social handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn… or anything else). This includes getting your social media channels verified, reinforcing credibility and positioning your brand the way you want it. We create your social media advertising accounts and set up your various target groups. We also install tags and pixels on your website to monitor behaviour and re-reach the people who have engaged with your brand online.

Social Media Marketing

We set up your various target groups, paving the way for future ad campaign optimization and A/B testing to go with content tailor-made to suit your audience. Once your content goes live, we make sure that the right people see it. A large reach doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re reaching your core audience, so we advertise your content to precise target groups on different social media platforms.

Community Management

We prepare our monthly social content in collaboration with you - to produce the perfect graphics and captions, guaranteeing your content both variety and originality. By scheduling publication on the right days at the right times, we maximise organic engagement from your target audiences too. To top that off, we will monitor engagement from your audiences. In addition, we will let you know when you have a potential lead through your social media channels.

Analytics & Optimization

We closely monitor both your organic and paid performance on social channels - optimizing it periodically to ensure that your campaigns benefit you the most. We also provide you with a monthly report, summarizing and analyzing content as well as advertising performance. And along with this, our recommendations for the future ahead.

Frequently asked questions | Social Media

Social media marketing in simple terms is to take full advantage of social media platforms to reach and engage a specific target audience relevant to your business for your product or service.

Social Media can support your paid campaigns and also organically build your brand, increase your online presence, and connect with your audience. Through this platform, you can identify how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

Social media can be grown organically or via paid campaigns. Either way, you ensure that you reach the right audience. However, the costs involved are totally flexible and they depend on your budget.