A strong online identity is important for any brand looking to make an impact in this digital age. At Triskel Media, we pride ourselves as a team of young, creative and innovative individuals. Led by of the top emerging talents in the online marketing arena in India. And most importantly, we’re here to make the most out of the tools at our disposal. We strategize and build SEO, SEM, Facebook advertising, Email Marketing, and more. Let us work with you to help you achieve the best results and reach new markets. With our custom plans, tailored to fit your business. Take a look at our services and contact us to know more or for a customised service proposal.

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Digital Strategy

Understanding and achieving your long-term objectives is essential to work efficiently with the budget allocated for your online marketing campaigns. Our goal is to make sure you've got a strategy that stamps your digital presence. And as a result, make your sales explode.



Become a household name on search engines with support from one of India’s most reputable online marketing agencies. As a result, helping you take the lead over your competitors in search results.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a highly powerful online marketing tool that combines the power of visuals with smart targeting. We target visitor based on interests to make sure they know of your brand. In addition to that, we also retarget visitors who have already come in contact with your brand, at the right place and the right time. As a result boosting your conversions


Google Advertising

Go straight to the top, ahead of all your competitors and be seen by people who need your services the most. We are here to help build and manage a high-quality, tailored pay-per-click campaign for your business.


Email Marketing

Despite the prevalence of social and mobile media, sometimes all it takes is a simple email at the right time to connect with prospects and customers, drive conversion. In conclusion, nurturing a community of advocates.

Frequently Asked Questions | Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, refers to the online marketing practice of optimising content in order to rank higher on search engine results.

Using SEO tools, such as keywords, meta descriptions, and links will help your content will stand out to search engine algorithms as relevant information, resulting in higher rankings.

The basic steps to optimize your website include :

  1. Keyword research

  2. Competitor analysis

  3. Keyword Mapping

  4. On-page optimization

  5. Content creation

  6. Content promotion

  7. Tracking performance of SEO campaign”

Google Advertising or PPC aka Pay-Per-Click campaign is an online marketing tool with which the advertiser pays for the ads displayed on various digital media to relevant target audiences based on keywords and display advertising. The advertiser only bears the cost for every click made.

Facebook Advertising works best when:

  • The content and targeting is based on user behaviour

  • The content is customized to engage with the target audience

  • The time and tone is in alignment with the audience behaviour

At Triskel media, we believe in Email Marketing as a valuable resource for online marketing. Unlike social media platforms, emails are personal and individualized to your most loyal consumers. The email content is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in what you have to say. Emails also enable direct communication between you and your audience. Resulting in a potential transformation from an interested user into paying customer.